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The Subway Story

Fred DeLuca, the president and founder of the SUBWAY® Sandwich Shop chain, was 17 when he ventured into business. Back in 1965, Fred had two pressing issues on his mind: his high school graduation and the prospects of financing his college education. Working part-time at a local hardware store, Fred realized he'd never be able to save enough money for college, let alone his proposed enrollment in medical school.

During that summer, Fred found himself at a neighborhood picnic that would change his life forever. He chatted with family friend Peter Buck about his financing problem. Dr. Buck, a Ph.D in nuclear physics, suggested “Why don't you open a sandwich shop?” After some discussion, the pair decided to go into business together, with Dr. Buck loaning Fred the seed money of $1,000. That afternoon, they put a goal in place of having 32 restaurants open in 10 years. 

The original restaurant opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut under the name “Pete’s Submarines”, (a few years later they changed the name to “Subway Sandwiches & Salads” because when people heard the name “Pete’s Submarines” spoken, they thought the restaurant sold “pizza”)! During the first year, Fred learned a lot about the basics of business: the importance of a good location, serving a quality product, controlling costs, and the basics of advertising.

Toward the end of the 10 year time frame, they still only had half of the 32 restaurants originally planned for. At that time, the idea of franchising was just catching on in the U.S. It was at this point in 1974 that the pair decided to begin franchising.As a result, they met the first of many goals to come.

Throughout the past 50 years, the members of the Subway® organization have celebrated countless recognitions and milestones. Today, with locations around the world, Subway® restaurants are a driving force in the fast food industry.

O'Bresky Restaurants

Who is O’Bresky Restaurants?  O'Bresky Restaurants is a Subway Franchisee started in 1988 by Dan and Joy O’Bresky with our 1st Subway restaurant In Robbinsdale, MN.  Dan and Joy always knew they wanted to start their own business.  Their goals were to operate a business that offered a product or service they could be proud of, the business had to be profitable and it had to have the potential to offer growth for their employees and themselves.

They looked at many different businesses in the food service industry and out side of it.  When they found Subway there were a number of things that made them decide to be part of the Subway Team.  The most important thing was Subway offered affordable food, made the way our customers want it, that tastes good and is good for them.  That was true back in 1988 and even more true today. 

It has been very rewarding to offer the members of our team the opportunity to grow with our organization and Subway. 

It's not always about business

Getting involved in the community -. Members of the Subway® team throughout the world participate in events on a local level that benefit charities or the local community. Subway® restaurants in various areas have been involved in the Special Olympics, the March of Dimes, the American Heart Association, Muscular Dystrophy -- just to name a few! Some restaurants even get involved with local schools, churches, or community organizations.

In Minnesota Subway is very involved in our community.  We are involved in Bridging – Which provides need furniture and houseolditems to families moving out of shelters and into homes.  Minnesota AIDS Walk, Courage Center, the Minnesota Zoo, K –12 Grade School Acheivement programs, School Safety Programs, and many others. 

Lending a helping hand - Subway® owners are known to assist in disasterrelief when a devastating event strikes a community. Hurricanes, earthquakes, brush fires - - owners and employees have donated food to victims and rescue workers and have volunteered their time to help in anyway they can.